Ceramics and Oxides

The qualities of ceramic materials can vary greatly depending on their crystallinity, microstructure, and chemical bonds. The rigidity, strong heat resistance, high electrical resistance/breakdown voltage, and corrosion resistance of these materials are particularly ram-valued. performance materials, are also utilized to create coatings, electrical insulators, and as cutting tools. The primary factors that can affect the physico-chemical characteristics and performances of these materials can be evaluated using synchrotron radiation. Atoms within the unit-cell can all be learned from X-rays, as well as information about their chemical bonds, electronic structure, and composition. X-rays can also reveal information about the material's microstructure and residual strain.


Synchrotron techniques offer a variety of research options, including the following:

  • X-ray spectroscopy analysis of physico-chemical characteristics
  • In-situ characterization under challenging operating and production conditions
  • Phase and particle dispersion characterization in ceramic matrix nano-composites
  • Conducting fatigue testing and studying materials under stress